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APPLiA joins industry call for a clear and pragmatic framework under Green Claims Directive

Policy papers 04 Jun 2024

A coalition of 12 industry associations, including APPLiA, has issued a joint call to the Council of the European Union to establish a clear and pragmatic framework under the Green Claims Directive. The undersigning associations emphasise the need for a framework that ensures clarity, predictability and legal certainty for all stakeholders, while also encouraging sustainable innovation and practices. 

It is crucial to strike a balance between providing consumers with essential information and avoiding information overload. To avoid discrepancies and establish fair competition for all companies operating in the Single Market, there is also a need for further harmonisation within the EU.

A well-designed framework will not only benefit consumers but also promote sustainable innovation and practices throughout the industry. It is essential that a pragmatic approach is taken to ensure that the Green Claims Directive is effective and efficient in achieving its objectives. 

The joint call comes as the Council of the European Union is set to finalise the Green Claims Directive, which aims to promote transparency and accuracy in environmental claims made by businesses. The directive is seen as a crucial step in promoting sustainable practices throughout the EU.

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