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Joint industry statement against the ban of green claims on products containing hazardous substances

Policy papers 23 Jan 2024

Thirteen non-profit associations call on EU policymakers to reject the proposed ban of green claims on products containing legally sound amounts of chemical substances contributing to longer product lifetime, effectiveness, resource and energy efficiency.

According to compromise amendment 60 of the Green Claims Directive, making an explicit environmental claim must be prohibited for products containing certain substances, even if these are present in legally sound and safe proportions under EU legislation, do not enter in contact with consumers, contribute to the overall sustainability of the product and there is no substitute available.

Ongoing discussions at committee stage in the European Parliament present a golden opportunity to ensure consumers have a right to reliable environmental information on products. However, such a restrictive approach would only hinder innovation and progress in sustainability.

Therefore, we call for compromise amendment 60 to be rejected and provisions banning green claims for products containing hazardous substances to be removed.


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