In a time of geopolitical instability and skyrocketing energy prices, deploying long-term solutions for Europe to reach its energy security objectives escalated the EU political agenda.

Home appliances really wish it could be Christmas everyday, as it truly is the season for them to shine. From keeping food well conserved, to making and baking your favourite Christmas classics, they are the best sidekick to lay the foundations for the perfect Christmas period with your loved ones. 

E-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in Europe and only 40% of it is being recycled.Recent WEEE Forum figures highlight the rise in WEEE generated from 8.3 Mt in 2010 to 10.4 Mt in 2021, the equivalent of 19.6kg produced per inhabitant. A worryingly high rate of e-waste generation per capita. But what can be done to truly gain the upper hand? 

The EU energy label helps to bring true value to consumers while pushing the boundaries of innovation toward the most energy-efficient solutions. But how can it help consumers get more bang for their buck? 

Microplastics have become a topic of considerable concern across many industries and sectors. With efforts scaling up at the international level to tackle the problem, the implementation of different regulations across Europe risks hampering the free movement of goods and jeopardising the Single Market.

The APPLiA team met a group of business students from the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool of Antwerp and the BFH Wirtschaft of Bern to answer their questions on the impact of European policy on the sector. 

Sustainability is a buzzword that features prominently almost everywhere we look. For the home appliance industry, the drive for sustainability is considerable and has multiple facets. But successful sustainability strategies can only happen within the right regulatory framework. 

APPLiA - Home Appliance Europe kicks off its energy-saving campaign, gathering the intelligence of global leading home appliances manufacturing companies, to encourage small, effective changes to the way consumers use their home appliances. The purpose? Spelt out in the name of the campaign, #killURbill. 

'Winter is coming' is a phrase viewers of Game of Thrones will be very familiar with. And indeed, in Europe, winter is coming. Rising energy prices are already affecting hundreds of millions of families. With home appliances being at the heart of our homes, what can be done to contain this catastrophic spike?