Bye, bye CECED - Welcome APPLiA

After 60 years of history, becoming APPLiA was the only logical consequence of an analysis of who we are and how an innovative, sustainable and forward-looking industry deserves to be represented.

When we were thinking of how our new brand image should look like, we wanted to follow the principle of simplicity – to have nothing left to add, but also nothing left to take away. And APPLiA fulfilled all our criteria. It is not only the perfect word mash between appliances and Europe, but is also short, fresh, distinctive and easy to remember.

And it is not only the so-called packaging that has become more modern and appealing, but we would be also aiming at completing our mission: to represent the sector; to unify our diverse members into a single, dynamic, political actor; to shape European policy and to empower by providing knowledge that policy makers and other stakeholders need to make informed decisions.

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