What are the main challenges in achieving circularity?

Participating in the initiative EREK, Paolo Falcioni gives 5 concrete answers. 

The magic of the rebranding from a communication point of view.

The very well-known to the local public Forgó Morgó & Cycle Michael characters will be now even more motivated to promote the idea of a .

About the long-term vision Home Appliance 2025 & more.

See the first reactions of APPLiA's board after the change. 

A change after 10 years of work.

After 60 years of history and technological revolution, the home appliance sector in Europe will be represented by the fully modernised association, now called APPLiA. The major change was celebrated on 7th March at the belVUE museum in Brussels.

Circular society aims at bringing different actors and addressing the circularity challenge together as a society - https://www.circularsociety.eu #CircularSociety

Significant energy and water consumption savings can be made by increasing the penetration rate of dishwashers within European homes. A boost to employment and growth could also be expected if households, currently doing the washing-up by hand, were to switch to using a dishwasher indicates a new analysis.