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The #ScoreForCharity winning team donates a tumble dryer to a family in need

Competitive spirit, emotions and willingness to perform at their best, this is how 16 Brussels-based professionals split in 8 teams played table soccer for a good cause. The award of the winners of the “Score for Charity” tournament, organised by APPLiA, is a highly efficient tumble dryer which they have chosen to donate to Oasis Belgium.

The beauty of home appliances is that they are close to us from an early morning to late at night. Khadija Jaamoum, a mother of two children and a wife, is happy to have been chosen by the organisation working with communities in need, Oasis Belgium.

“Advancing better lifestyles in Europe has been one of the key mottos of the Association and I am glad that with this unconventional event we will help a family to live more comfortably and use energy wisely”, the Director General of APPLiA, Paolo Falcioni said, who together with the Council Spokesperson, Daniela Lenzu happened to be the winning team.

He continued by saying: “It is the first time that the Association is organising a charity event and the fact that we were playing for someone else generated even more energy that we invested into the game.”

To ensure that the table soccer rules were followed closely, APPLiA also invited a qualified referee who did not miss the slightest movement.

Follow the #ScoreForCharity hashtag to feel the atmosphere.