APPLiA, together with a coalition of downstream users of steel, sent a letter to Trade Commissioner to welcome the timely initiation of a second review of the safeguard measures on steel currently in force. The coalition urges the European Commission to consider the interest of the downstream steel users when taking a decision on the annual review of the steel safeguard measures.

The Coalition for Energy Savings calls on the Commission to strongly support full implementation and enforcement of existing legislation and, in parallel, to put in place new measures to increase the ambition. The Coalition proposes the following Energy Efficiency Package as an enabler to
deliver the European Green Deal.

ACEM-APPLiA-COCIR-EPEE-EPTA-LE-TIE lay out recommendations on the SCIP Database.

Joint statement on harmonised standards in support of a competitive European industry

The European Commission is considering the preparation of possible Implementing Acts laying down minimum quality standards for treatment of Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE).

APPLiA and 5 industry associations have asked the European Commission to adopt legally binding criteria to ensure the uniform application of the eco-modulation of fees throughout Europe, to ensure Member States modulated fee schemes do not deviate from a harmonised EU framework, as well as to secure a proper enforcement.

SmartEN General Assembly has formally adopted the White Paper "A vision for Smart and Active Buildings" as a result of the work of APPLiA and the other Members.

As the discussion on the development of the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) is ongoing, APPLiA has outlined some key points upon which the Indicator should be built to enhance the role of smart technologies, including smart appliances.

APPLiA Home Appliance Europe supports the European Commission’s work to examine options and actions for a more coherent product policy framework of the different strands of work related to circular economy, while preserving the single market, competition and innovation.