About us


Membership and Partnership

APPLiA has 24 Direct Members and 25 National Associations covering 24 countries.

APPLiA is a Brussels-based trade association that provides a single, consensual voice for the home appliance industry in Europe, promoting industry’s mission to advance Europeans' lifestyles. 

Our members manufacture a wide variety of home appliances. 

  • Large appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers;
  • Small appliances such as vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters and toothbrushes;
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning appliances such as air conditioners, heat pumps and local space heaters.

The home appliance industry is certainly an important European economic player that impacts our daily lives.           

  • Generating wealth: the turnover of the industry in Europe is €50 bn
  • Providing wages and salaries: € 31.628 (2016 data, per employee)
  • Total employment in 2017: 884.224 (result of direct and indirect)
  • Direct employment in 2017: 200.960 (figure does not include Turkey)  


APPLiA members recognise and take on their responsibility to act as good corporate citizens. The Associations Code of Conduct is a voluntary Code that responds to the desire of the APPLiA members to make an impact and promote fair and sustainable standards for working conditions, social compliance and environmental performance.

APPLiA Code of Conduct